Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Celebrity Focus

Usually, I end up ranting about my own problems, which is pretty bad if you ask me. A bad tendency on my part...

So, I thought I could do a celebrity focus. So, who's it going to be?

Okay, so I love Chloe Sevigny. She is one of the style icons I will always look up to. She's eccentric to the brink where it's actually okay and stylish (let's just say she isn't wearing the Bjork swan dress anytime soon). She has killer style, and obviously, people are taking notice. She's been featured in campaigns from Uniqlo (above) to the new Chloe fragrance (along with Anja Rubik and Harry Potter star Clemence Posey). She also has her own clothing line, which isn't the stereotypical "celebrity fashion line." It has incredibly cool wedge booties and awesome frocks...all for the expensive price of $400+. Quite the shame.

So, for then and now photos (please click on them for a great view!), you can obviously tell that Chloe has always had a sense of style, which what some celebrities don't have (cough-Katie Holmes-cough). In the first photo from 1996, she's wearing these great booties I love! And hello? That's an Hermes bag in the last picture above (if I ever own an Hermes bag in my lifetime, I will consider my life to be very priviledged). And now that's she's grown up more so has her sense of fashion. My favorite of all of these is the photo of her from 2007 in the yellow dress (pictured below). The outfit is amazing, and I love the color. Plus, if you look up close, her lip color is a pale pink, and it compliments the ensemble perfectly. She knows that clothes just don't make a stylish person; hair and make-up do as well.

What are your opinions on Chloe? Is she just a freak or does she posess great style?

I'm without a camera; I feel terrible. I'll hopefully be able to get my hands on one soon, so I can upload some things. (I discovered the great scanner in my printer! Yay!)

Oh, and I have a new e-mail. If anyone wants some remote contact with me, just ask!! I would love to get to know more people on here.

Hope everyone's having a great week so far!! Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


So, this post is pretty much a result from my boredom. Sad, right?

I recently heard this controversy over my fellow blogger, Tavi, and NY Mag. Well, they're a bit skeptical over Tavi, but I would dare to disagree with them. I think she's great and has much knowledge for a 12 year old. Boo all the jealous people at NY Mag and who critisize her. You just wish you were that cool at 12 years old. (Who doesn't? I actually listened to Fall Out Boy when I was twelve. At least I discovered the Arctic Monkeys later that year...)

Oh, guess what? I finally found a vintage clothing store in my town! I have, sadly, walked by the place about 5 times in the past year (It's a couple stores down where I found my beloved boots) and made no notice of the store. Well, actually, I did point out that there was a cute dress in there...okay, that's besides the point. They're opening a second location about 3 miles down the street from me, but the guy who owns it says it's mainly focused on the rich people who live around there (hence dowdy lawyers). Poor me, I was so excited. Now, I have to go all the way downtown to get cool clothes.

Well, I have to do that anyways, but still...

I made a Polyvore yesterday when I was talking to my dear friend through AIM. Tell me your thoughts and which outfit prefer.

I appreciate all your thoughts on the last post. Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Silver Screen Love

I've been so bored lately. Seriously, ever since my movie musical sleepover, which left me extremely tired (we didn't even watch a movie, ironically), I have watching movies I find to be interesting. Turner Classic Movies (my favorite channel) is actually on right now. It's a movie called "Night Must Fall," and it seems cool. I came in watching in the middle of the movie, but it seems like a cool murder mystery flick.

Out of my sheer boredom, I will list my top 5 favorite movies of the moment. I guess I have to add my style inspirations. This is a fashion blog, after all....

5) V For Vendetta
I just saw this yesterday, and I love it! I'm not much into those weird facist fictional stuff (George Orwell wrote terrible novels--that was communism, but still), but this was interesting because of the weird love story mixed in. Natalie Portman did overact at some points, but her overall performance was quite well done. I actually think she pulled that shaved head off quite well, and she should keep her hair in the pixie style. It suits the shape of her head. I wish I could pull off such a hair cut; Britney would too. I would love to see this movie again. It's so confusing that you have to watch it again to get everything straight.

4) Pride and Prejudice
Okay, not the Colin Firth version. I bet that's a very good 6-hour feature, but I love the Keira Knightley version. It's so quotable, and the ending just sums up the movie with my hysterical laughter over it (I actually counted how many times he said, "Mrs. Darcy;" I forget the result though). I just saw it for the 500th time the other day, and my sister had been anticipating it for days. The movie just proves the genius Jane Austen was. And the costumes were fantastic. The white dress in that photo above would have been worn by me in that time.

3) Marie Antoinette
Though how innacurate this movie is, I still love it. And it did win costumes at the Oscars, too, but still. Marie Antoinette is such a style inspiration; she seemed so carefree and, well, just plain nuts. Well, I must admit that's me as well, but I just don't run a country and won't die by guillotine. I love the outfit where her hair was a nest or something. It was totally great. Maybe just the outfits [and the soundtrack] alone made me record this on my DVR...

2) The Apartment
I had to include a classic on here, and this one has to be in my top 5 favorite classics. I saw it maybe 2 weeks ago on TCM (of all places...), and Jack Lemmon made me laugh. The comedy was all kind of dated a bit, but it fit the movie. The movie was just so enjoyable, but the best thing of all was Shirley McClaine. I never knew she acted in movies back then! And she was so beautiful! She had a gorgeous pixie cut that everyone thought was so hot back then. I wish it could be same could be said of the modern day. (I seem the have a fetish for the pixie hair cut, don't I?) I could watch this movie so many times in a row. I really recommend it...

And my favorite movie of all...

1) The History Boys
I don't have a clue why this is my favorite movie/play. Maybe it's because of my almost 2-year anticipation to see the movie or the number of attractive British men that are found in the cast (I say about 4-5 in all, which is quite the miracle, if you ask me), but it's official: it's my favorite movie. It's beat out all my Jim Sturgess favorites (he was my former husband, so gorgeous, that man) and all the classics I've watched for years and memorized. It's certainly left an imprint in my life; I've been quoting it a bit too much, and it's preppiness has definitely inspired my wardrobe. I've been dying for blazers and oxford shirts lately and have felt the need to find some cool 80s clothes. Or I've probably just been dying to marry Posner (though gay in the movie, the actor is actually featured on the blog to your right). But, I will, literally, handcuff you to your couch to watch this movie. It's my ultimate favorite.

Hope you enjoy my extremely long post. Maybe my fingers will fall off my fingers onto my keyboard sooner or later...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Disappointment from the Balcony/My Nico Obsession

Sure, the designers look happy here, but dear Lord, did the Project Runway premiere SUCK. And yes, in all caps.

No one stood out to me to be someone to connect with. Of the bat last season, I loved Kit and Christian (by the way, I was psyched to see Kit in the Saturn commercial). I liked Alison third season, pretty much all in the 2nd, and of course, Austin in the 1st. But, here, there was no one.

Blayne had to be the most eccentric, but I knew right then and there he was on pot, crack, or something of the sort. And Jerry's outfit...oh my gosh, it freaked me out!! And I have to agree with Michael and Nina: it's something Christian Bale's character from American Psycho would adore.

The funniest part was when Stella pulled out her garbage bags, and she was all, "OH SHIT! IT LOOKS LIKE GARBAGE!" That's when I started laughing because of the obvious irony and her sheer stupidity. And they cut to her talking in that little room and said, "IT WAS TRASH! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!" Well, I could. You bought trash bags. It was in the name!

And then, she was complaining up until the last five minutes of the challenge when she started to work, and right before the commercial break, they went to her commentary, and she's wearing these god-awful pigtails and says, "If I get out for this challenge, I'll be the biggest asshole on American television," or something of the sort. She already looked the part of it, so she came in a close second to Miley Cyrus.

I predicted that Wesley would be my favorite because of his adorable dorky looks (I claim him as potential husband material in my world). Well, unfortunately, they didn't show enough of him to begin my favoritism towards him! I was so upset. But, I loved his dress.

Okay, enough ranting. Let me talk about my new found obsession with Nico (If you don't know who Nico is, you better just leave). Since I'm such a Warhol freak, I've been a fan of the Velvet Underground for the longest time, and I just recently started to listen to her solo stuff, and I love it. Please, listen to "These Days," which is on my player there.

She's also a fantastic style icon as well. I would kill to pull off such a blunt fringe as hers. Unfortunately, my brown curly hair doesn't exactly want to style that way...

And I really apologize to those who like all the acoustic stuff and come on to my site and hear "Zombie Graveyard Party!" blarring from their speakers. Just hit the next button. and you'll probably get a calm song, such as "These Days."

Today is my friend's movie musical sleepover. I was asked to bring all my Sam Barnett movies to her house (!!!), but unfortunately, they're all on my DVR. I'm so bummed.

Thanks for all the feedback. Have a great weekend.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Alexander McQueen: Shop Online/Project Runway

Oh, Alexander McQueen, how I love your clothes so. They bewitch me mind and soul. (I actually think that's semi-part of a line from a book...either Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights) Now, I can actually officially buy your clothes from you online on your website.

Yes, it is true. All his gorgeous clothes can now be bought on alexandermcqueen.com. I don't know if that exactly means it's exactly cheaper (that gorgeous dress is still $1495), but I still find joy in it.

Okay, this is truly pathetic. You can really buy every A.M. item on Net-A-Porter or whatever, but really, nothing has been going on in this world, except for Gucci's waste-of-money resort show, even if the collection was already shown to
public. (Yes, very odd)

And how could I forget! 4 words: Project Runway Season 5. I'm so excited! I checked out season 5 cast members, and not to spoil anything, but I think season 2 still surpasses this bunch, without doubt. (Project Runway will never be the same without Andrae.) But, there is some pluses: there is one guy who looks incredibly cute in his photo and a girl from my hometown of Syracuse, NY! (I don't live there anymore, for all you stalkers) So, I hope for a great season.

And great, what a spoiler. Bravo posted all the synopsises for every episode, except for who gets out. So, everyone, mark your calendars: October 15th, Project Runway season finale! (3 months away, yay, and how many weeks after Fashion Week?)

I'm still enduring summer gym; more than a week and a half to go. Yay.

Oh, and by the way, check out my friends I linked on the side. I've known these girls for over a year (they've got an advantage haha), and I love them to death.

Thanks for all your feedback! Have a great week...

Friday, July 11, 2008

My new shirt on nylonmag.com

As I signed onto my Myspace and looked at my bulletins, I saw the topic "A CHANEL SHIRT AT URBAN OUTFITTERS!?" Of course, I had to click on it, but I should have known: it was the shirt I bought last Saturday!

So, I have been wanting this shirt for months. I went on the Urban Outfitters website nearly everyday to see if the shirt was still there or if it was on sale. Then, when it went on sale, it was right before my shopping trip down to Urban Outfitters. When I was there, I was expecting find it for only $19.99, like on the site. But, since no one in my town has any idea who Karl Lagerfeld is, it was on sale for only $9.99!!! I screamed and bought it immediately.

I am super excited now that the shirt has been on nylonmag.com. It's possibly my current favorite shirt. And yes, it probably has something to do with my love for Karl.

If you want to read the article, click here to read it. It's actually very well done. The writer mentions, "Though you might have to explain your shirt to half the girls who wear Chanel sunglasses, it's worth it." Welcome to my school everyone.
(Also, that comment on there that sounds oddly similar to my blog? That's me)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Obsessions/Awful Athletics/Green Rings

This is my Polyvore of my obsessions. I noticed I'm quite a bit dreary with my clothing. (I only do have grey, black, navy, and many other dark colors in my wardrobe) It's just me and what I look good in. And I don't necessarily own all of this. I do own a few, but some are definitely out of my price range (such as the Burberry Prorsum dress).

And I did find my prized posession on there: My Marc Jacobs guitar watch necklace. I found it at an outlet mall up north for only $40. Now, that's what I call smart shopping.

Now, I'm in the summer gym cirriculum because I signed up for an extra class (newspaper). In return, I'm stuck in this hell that has pretty much doomed all the muscles in my legs for life. (Or it at least feels like it.) And I end up looking horrible for the rest of the day. Isn't that great!

Last weekend, I went shopping with my friend at this cool place downtown, and I bought this ring at Forever 21 that I call my "wedding ring." (It represents my love for Sam Barnett, to your right. Okay, it was mostly a teenage joke, but you, hopefully, get the point...) I wore it yesterday when I went with a bunch of my friends to see Wall-E, which is a great movie by the way. And I came home, and I took it off for a second. I realized I had a green ring around my finger!

I was shocked. My "wedding ring" is rebelling against me! It was cheap, I know ($4.80), and I should have known from reading a Truman Capote (it described the Green Ring thing). But, gosh, should it be appropriate for stores like Forever 21 to sell things like that? I mean, no one wants to go around with a green ring on their finger.

That's all for now. Thanks for all the feedback from my last post! Much appreciated :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Me/Final Couture Report

So, even though I wrote a whole entry, I never did give the fair chance to all bloggers on here to actually know who I am. (Well, one I've known for a while, but still.)

Call me whatever you wish. I am a 15 year old from a crappy town that is no where near anything, so it's not worth mentioning. I'm a bit of an eccentric, I guess. I like to wear stuff that is probably normal for the city (as in NYC), but not here. I'm slightly rocker chic with a mix of my own personality. And some inspiration from the twenties as well.

And I happen to be obsessed with music, movies, and anything British.

I would show a pic and say, "Hey! It's me," but really, I prefer film to digital. Therefore, no photos until I figure out how work this scanner.


So, couture was, well, interesting this year. (I know I already discussed Chanel and Dior below, but I really have nothing else to talk about.) Last season was definitely better, and I hope next season will make up for the disappointment that occured here.

Let's just say it: Chanel sucked. Personally, for Lagerfeld to take inspiration from Anna Wintour (oh dear Lord) just makes the collection worse. Oh, by the way, if you didn't know, I have an undying hate for Anna Wintour. I believe she doesn't even deserve her position at Vogue (read a biography, for Christ's sake), and I think she's just full of shit.

I think Lacroix was great. The detailing with the lace really set it off the charts. All the patterns together created a nicely dreadful (in a good way) feel. I wish I could afford a piece from him, but it would either be college or Lacroix. That's actually an extremely difficult choice.

And Valentino...ummm...well, I got to give Alessandra some slack as the new Valentino designer and this being her first Couture collection. But really, it could have been way better. The drapping was like sheets of stiff paper being folded and glued. And spray painted for a "fabric feel." And nothing, I repeat, NOTHING reminded me of the ingenious Valentino we once knew. She's just taking the house of Valentino and making it the house of Facchinetti, which is what no one wants. I know this sounds terrible, but her dresses reminded me of the piece Vincent made in Project Runway season 3 for the couture challenge. I don't know; it was very reminiscent.

Jean Paul Gaultier was okay. When I first viewed it, I thought it was last seasons collection because something about it reminded me of something he did a while ago. All the shapes, colors, etc....all seemed the same to me. There was no sparkle. But, I did think the hair and make-up was very cool. The fringe with the neon underlay was awesome, and the coinciding orange-red lip color made it even more excellent.

That's all from me. I've had a hell-ish day so far. I'm signing off...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chanel and Dior: Couture F/W 2008-2009

So, Couture is here. I mean, I can't afford any of the gorgeous dresses that walk down the runway. I wish I could, but still, I'll take it as an inspiration.

Well, only Chanel and Dior interest me at the moment, and there's probably more on the way that will inspire me; I just don't feel like thinking about them. My tiredness is catching up with me.

So, Chanel was kind of interesting. Karl, of course, went back to the tweed, and I've begun to hate it more and more. I do love the fact that he chose a different shape with a bit of the tweed.

One thing that bothered me about Chanel was the wired frames surrounding the faces of several of the models. There was only about four, but it was random and unnecessary. It just brought me back to the mindset of Gareth Pugh, who put a large cube around his model's head.

Dior was actually quite nice and very suprising! Galliano is so talented...I loved the shoes! I've been in a t-strap phase since I participated in the school musical (I wore these adorable t-straps. They were great). And the ankle boots were cool as well. If I had the money, I would buy out the entire Dior shoe collection. Although I love the collection, I'm not too daring to wear see-through skirts though.

Check out more at style.com.