Thursday, August 28, 2008

Olympic Deprivation/School/Vintage Shopping

So, the olympics are over, and I'm going through withdrawal, especially from swimming. I love Michael Phelps (not just because of his gorgeous looks), and Ryan Lochte's an amazing swimmer too. I have been through a sad phase since the end of swimming.

Even worse, school's started; I hate it so much. It's as though summer never existed. I'm back to my usual schedule again. And I can never stay awake. I thought I would never survive Spanish this morning; my eyes kept drooping asleep.

So, enough about my sleeping patterns. Going back to school reminds me how much my district lacks in fashion. Some people have changed their fashion sense (a girl became one of those faux emo kids, and her hair is all chopped up), not fairly for the better, but I dunno. All the cool seniors left and are replaced with these TINY freshman. They all dress in Abercrombie & Fitch, wear Vera Bradleys, and are at least 5 feet tall. Ugh.

I shouldn't be complaining. That's very selfish of me.

On Sunday, I headed out to do some last minute shopping. I went to American Apparel, and I was sort of disappointed. Not in the store, of course, but the stuff I thought I would love looked terrible on me (like the AA frock on my back-to-school list). And my bag I wanted for school is far too small (I bought it anyways). But, I bought a couple other cool things too.

And remember that vintage store I mentioned a while back? So, I finally went, and it's now officially my favorite store. I bought a zillion things for only $60! And plus, an amazing pair of brown leather booties: only $15!! They're in fantastic condition, except for the soles. I told my mum that if she gets them re-solled (is that a word?), I'll pay for them once I get a job when I'm 16.

They also had this AMAZING blazer with zippers all over it. But, it was a bit big and would probably be impossible to, it's either still at the store or someone's wearing it as we speak...

I'm probably going back out shopping with my mum this weekend for a new bag for school (I'm using my red one from last year; I don't want it to get ruined!). Which bag do you prefer out of these 2?

Oh well, I'll probs find something for sale.

Well, I'm done. Talk to you hopefully soon. School's probably gonna get busy...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

I just wanted to apologize for not updating! I got home from upstate New York last sunday and attempted to make a post about boots; I didn't particularly like it.

I got my wisdom teeth out Firday (or yesterday), and I hurt so badly. And my face is swollen!

I'm a bit whack from all the pain meds too, and I probably won't be updating until Monday or Tuesday: the first day of school for me.

I'm going shopping tomorrow for last minute stuff.

Sorry for the delay, and I'll comment back everyone soon!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back to School List

So, I have been extremely bored lately. I have found myself sitting at home, doing nothing but reading (currently Edie) and looking at clothes enviously on the internet. Yes, I'm that much of a bore.

And plus, school is right around the corner (the 26th for me, so early!), and I need to head out shopping. So, here's to my top 10 items I really need/want:
10) Studded Ballet Flats
These are possibly the most amazing things I've found in a while. I guess I like to dance (I don't do it so well though; my last official dance lesson was over a decade ago), but these are just brilliant. I'm probably just going to make these myself if I find some studs. It would probably be way cheaper.

9) AA Stripe Pocket Frock in Navy
I love this dress because it's so chic and simple to me. I can really pair it with anything, from a grey cardigan to one of my several pairs of black tights. And the pockets make it so cool and clever.

8) Made by Elves Leather Lennon Skimmer
This bootie's so cute!! They look amazing, and they're flat (oh, how my heels hurt after I wear booties with a heel in school). They're perfect for school or anything. I just hope they fit well when I look for them at UO.

If anyone's read my blog, you would know I didn't really have the best of luck with F21 jewelry before. But this necklace is unbelievably cool. It's semi-reminiscent of Givenchy but with a twist (no pun intended) that I adore. Oh, and they have all those immitation Givenchy necklaces that I might have to check out too...

6)Urban Renewal Boys Blazer
I love blazers. They're so awesome, and UO has a great selection of them. I especially love this one because it's so wearable (and that it's cheaper than the other one I want). I could wear this with pretty much anything in my wardrobe, and I'm desperate to own it.
I really want this skirt mainly because I don't own a single skirt. And I bet it would look nice with a clean cut oxford shirt and some booties. Ahhh, I really want it!! Which brings me to my next item...

4) AA Unisex Pinpoint Oxford Button-Up Shirt
I would seriously buy this shirt in both colors because it looks so cool. I saw it in the store the last time I was there and regret not trying it on. I wish they made oxford shirts so simple now-a-days. They always have to have something stupidly fancy about them I don't understand.

3)Urban Renewal Preppie Cardigan
I love this cardigan so much! It's a mix of a private school uniform and your grandfather's favorite sweater. It's so cool, and I really want it now.

2) Urban Renewal Shrunken Flannel
So, it really doesn't have to be this shirt (it got a horrible review from someone), but I really would love a plaid shirt. It doesn't have to be flannel. I do love this one, especially in red. It can be layered easily and can be worn alone. I like it a lot!!

And the number one thing is...

1) AA Cotton Canvas LA-Z Girl Side Pocket Bag in Black or Sangria
For me, the most important thing about school is having a good bag to carry around your books in. Last year, I had a fantastic red bag from Gap that I still love with all my heart. This year, I want this one. It seems enormous enough to fit all my binders, and the side pocket is perfect for all my supplies. And it's expandable! So, this is my number one need now.

Just so you know, I probably won't be updating for a while. I'm heading to upstate New York to go to college visits with my sister and visit my family up there. They also have a huge mall with a department store sized H&M (yes, I love it dearly). So, I'm super excited!

And I changed my song to "This Love" by Younghearts. Even though the band name might give it this tacky lovey-dovey thing, but this was originally performed when the lead singer (Joe Fox) was a solo artist. Hope you enjoy...

Have a great week!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


So, I'm pretty much an Andy Warhol freak. Not obsessed, but I think he was brilliant. I am probably am the only person from my district who thinks so, even if we live so close to the Warhol museum (maybe 10 mile radius). So, it was obvious for me to check out Popism from the library. I've been desperate to read it for a while now, and I just finished it. It's so fantastic, and I need to buy it now.

But, I discovered so many things from the novel. I'm too lazy to cite them here, but Andy really went into all the fashion stuff (ahh, how I wish I was at Max's in the 60s...). It just made you want to be there, buying all those clothes and all that.

So, I need some 60s revitalization (I do own about 3-4 black tights; my mum'll freak if I buy about 5 more). Hence the Polyvore below.

Okay, it's a bit more Edie influenced, but it's basically the only crap I could find that really justified the book on my part. I actually learned that doorknockers we actually cool then. And didn't have a tacky reference behind them, of course...

But, that's really all. Life's been a bore around here, and I've just only been reading. And "memorizing" the periodic table for chemistry next year...

Thanks for all the feedback. Talk to you all soon...