Wednesday, September 17, 2008

London Calling

Here's the deal: I think I liked London Fashion Week a load better than New York. Less of the big names and more of the crazy side of me.

And plus, they took risks and decided not to hold back their thoughts.

So, favs in alphabetical order (mucho OCD)?

Charles Anastase, Christopher Kane (kind 0f, it was so-so), Eley Kishimoto, Giles, House of Holland (I'm still a tad bit undecided on that one), Luella, Peter Jensen (especially near the end with the tulle babushkas), and Topshop Unique.

I LOVED CHARLES ANASTASE! It was so great. I've heard about other people loving it too (ah-hem, Belle), and I just thought it was so genius with the huge glasses and the dresses. My favorite outfit was the most simplistic: jeans, long-sleeved shirt, sheer button-down. It was so me (I'm addicted to cardigans now; my school is way too cold).

Luella (obviously) and Peter Jensen were my other two top favorites. Luella's collection was so awesome and happy. I loved the red lips (I'm a red lips kind-of gal), and the hats were brilliant! She is the designer I've liked the longest (since 6th grade, baby!), and I always can depend on her for a great collection.

Peter Jensen was just average up until the end. One of my favorite outfits I've seen throughout this whole season was when the model was wearing just an oversized blazer/cardigan (no can tell), a white mini dress, and a huge clutch. It was so simplistic but yet so chic. I would but that outfit just then and there.

Though I loved the hats, Temperley didn't sell me. But, she always makes great hats which covers for a semi-boring show.

So, your opinions on London Fashion Week? I'd kill to hear them.

And if anyone's like me (a huge Anglophile) and liked the week as much as I did, TELL ME! I would be glad enough to relate to someone for once.

Oh, and what was up with Alexa Chung modeling for Vivienne Westwood? And 3 LOOKS! Though I love Alexa and hate her at the same time (only reason: she's dating Alex Turner), I was just suprised. I know she had a modeling career prior to being on Popworld and all that, but I though she left that in the dust...

Hope everyone had a great week!!


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Rose Mitchell said...

Om my goodness, London was BRILLIANT. I just like their relatively new found confidence in their product..FINALLY Brits etc are moving away from the stiff-upper-lip, quiet persona..YAY

Although, perhaps I'm biased cos I'm half English and can hold some connection to the wonderful world (and FAR AWAY world; I live in New Zealand, SO bloody far from anywhere!)